Light Weight REST API Using Play! Framework 2.4.x

Hi all!

I’m starting this blog writing about a simple project that I created a few weeks ago. Play! 2.4 introduced a new way to define a Router in addition to the old static Router: using dependency injection with Guice.

Taking advance of this feature I created a simple but completed project fundamentally focused on clean coding and test coverage. It’s currently using Codeship for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment, Coveralls for the Tests Coverage Reports and Codacy for automated code review.

Take a look at the project!

In addition to this quite new project I want to share with you another project that I created a few months ago: Social Graph API. It’s a full tested project but using Play! Framework 2.3.8. SGA is a REST API using Silhouette with JWT (Json Web Token) and Redis for authentication, and Neo4j as a Graph DB with the Scala client AnormCypher.



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